What is an Agile PMO? [#Agile #PMO #AgilePMO]

What is an Agile PMO? [#Agile #PMO #AgilePMO]

According to the “Agile Practice Guide”, jointly released by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Agile Alliance, the definition of an Agile PMO is a PMO that supports Agile.

Mike Cohn, a founder of the Scrum Alliance, suggests that an Agile PMO could be responsible for Scrum and Agile training, staffing and training agile coaches, and guiding an organization to adopting an agile mindset.

In the same way as PMOs have been responsible for the care and feeding of the traditional project management process, Agile PMOs would be responsible for the Agile journey of the organization, Whether the organization is just starting its Agile journey, or has already adopted Agile, an Agile PMO would be supporting the needs of the organization every step of the way.

However, it needs to be acknowledged that a traditional PMO, like any other organization going through an Agile transformation, needs training, coaching, and support of the organization to be able to fulfill its role as an Agile PMO. They have the additional challenge of not only going through their own Agile transformation, but also ensuring that they have the right people to guide their organization on their agile journey.

Adopting Agile is not as simple as moving from one set of processes to another — it is truly a change in mindset. A successful Agile PMO understands the Agile values, as articulated in the Agile Manifesto, and will apply them at the organization, project, team, and individual levels.

As a musician once said before a performance “own the mic!”

So PMOs “own Agile!”

Agile PMO Why is it so confusing?:
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