Download the FREE ‘espresso’ guide ‘Culture Economy: Agile working’ from Charity HR experts Breathe [#CultureEconomy #AgileWorking #FREEDownload]

A new eBook guide from charity HR experts Breathe explains how an Agile working approach can help charities adapt to the future, be more efficient and do more good with fewer resources thanks to the strategic use of new technology.

Charities can learn what Agile working means, its 8 key characteristics and why agile working practixes are being introduced to a wide variety of industries including the charity sector.

The guide is an ‘espresso’ version of the Culture Economy report released last year, focusing on the Agile working chapter of the report in a form that is easy to browse through on a coffee break and share with co-workers.

Download the FREE ‘espresso’ guide ‘Culture Economy: Agile working’

New guide helps charities embrace the benefits of agile working:
A new FREE eBook has been released that explains the principles of Agile working, and how charities can embrace powerful new ways of driving efficiency and becoming future-proof.
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