PREVENTIVE AGILITY [#Agile #Agility #PreventiveAgility]

If we could get ahead of the curve of illness or injury, maybe we could do even better than rapid recovery – maybe we could predict the oncoming malady, and reduce the delay in response to zero. And then, of course, the obvious follow-on thought occurred – if we can predict, we can avoid. And so was born Preventive Medicine: “Medical practices that are designed to avert and avoid disease.”

Following the example of medicine, it is time for us to move our mindset forward, ahead of the VUCA curve. So, if we take the definition of preventive medicine, and apply it to agility, then Preventive Agility might be defined as ‘Agile practices designed to avert and avoid failure’. In other words, Preventive Agility is the power to predict and prepare.

The time for being satisfied with rapid response is over – just as with threats to our health, we need to practice intelligent avoidance. So, when the world clamors for us to be ready to respond at zero notice, we can feel reassured our Preventive Agility will take us a little further toward habituating success, by predicting, and preparing to avoid, oncoming risk.

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