Along the way to build truly Agile organizations, we get good at one or more of the Agile frameworks, but not good at the fundamental underlying cultural change needed to make it last. We also sometimes lose a bit of focus on what success looks like. We might start measuring the number of Scrum Teams created, successful training of our associate teams, or the introduction of new tools like Jira to build backlogs. These are important steps, but perhaps not as important as the achievement of groundbreaking outcomes, like moving applications to the cloud or mobilization of all application offerings.

The initial gains achieved by the new habits of the above frameworks are great, but maybe they limit our true transformation capability, if we do not challenge ourselves further. The true power of agility is in the ability to create an organization that, at its core, continuously challenges itself to be better, reach higher heights, and to be dissatisfied with the status quo – whatever it has become or evolved into.

In a word – we need to build organizations that “Disrupt” themselves – Forever!

By helping coach and create an environment that continues to challenge itself and knows how to be constructively disruptive, we set our overall culture to a modality of change that is ever evolving. The institutionalization of this type of culture fundamentally aims to be never satisfied with:

• Time to market
• Quality of product
• Dynamics of the team
• Current skills and capabilities
• Competitive product advantages
• Market Share

This does not mean we do not celebrate milestones and victories of achievement. It does mean once we have achieved a goal and perhaps launched a new product or new application, the new target is to make that irrelevant and to supplant it with the next newer and better version that our customers celebrate.

Our customers have ever evolving objectives and needs, a culture of continuous disruption, and dissatisfaction with the status quo may be the best way to meet that challenge!

Making Agile Stick: Be Disruptive

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