PSEUDO-AGILE [#Agile #PseudoAgile]

Because some organizations have not realized formality in their Agile approach, they utilize terms such as pseudo-agile to indicate where they are on the Agile maturity scale.

The term pseudo actually means false, pretentious and not real, but in the concept of Agile it has been redefined as partial, somewhat or interim. In other words, pseudo-agile is not perceived as negative by some critics, but rather a natural evolution in transitioning from waterfall to agile.

Technically, it is preferable to avoid this terminology of pseudo-agile when referring to where your organization is at in its adoption of Agile simply because it can be misinterpreted or confusing. Other terms that may be more appropriate to describe adopting agile include:

• Being at an interim stage in transitioning to Agile
• In the initial stages of Agile implementation
• Intermediate knowledge of Agile principles
• Established and follow basic Agile principles
• Hybrid approach to software development

It is important to remember the concept of pseudo-agile might have a negative connotation:

• Being wishy-washy in the commitment to adhere to Agile principles by training team members
• Using some Agile processes, but really preferring to adhere to a waterfall model
• Meeting infrequently in stand-up huddles, but usually electing to gather in sit down meetings
• Documenting some aspects of the project extensively and others barely to reduce overall size
• Taking short cuts in testing and development instead of optimizing the project life cycle

It has become increasingly important, especially for software developers who are experiencing increased pressure from their customers to keep up with the times and start utilizing Agile approaches in software development to reduce cycle time.

These software developers cannot afford to risk their credibility and state that they are pseudo-agile.

In summary, Agile in and of itself is enough. Project teams do not need to be pseudo-agile, nor is hyper-agile going to enable a project team to see enhanced performance.

Looking at Agile concepts in stages of maturity is a better indicator on how to link project performance.

Pseudo Agile, Hyper Agile
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