15 Best Defect Tracking Software for 2019 [#DefectTracking #TrackingDefects #AgileNewsAndViews]

  1. Bugzilla
  2. Mantis BT
  3. Kualitee
  4. Backlog
  5. Redmine
  6. JIRA
  7. Trac
  8. FogBugz
  9. Lighthouse
  10. YouTrack
  11. DoneDone
  12. ReQtest
  13. Zoho Bug Tracker
  14. Axosoft
  15. Gemini

1. Bugzilla
– friendly user interface accessible from any browser
– advanced search options
– time tracking
– request system
– bugs can be filed or modified by email
– can automatically detect duplicate bugs and move bugs between installs
– with the Groups feature, it can control bug visibility and editing
– has customizable fields and workflow which makes it flexible to use in many different scenarios

2. Mantis BT
– with Mantis plug-ins, reporting, notifications, live search, and customizations of issues are made easy
– CodevTT plugin facilitates advanced time tracking and project management
– Roadmap and changelog feature track planned fixes instead of the implemented ones, making issue resolution progress auditable
– manages the localization of dozens of languages
– Allows role-based user authorization via user access control

3. Kualitee
– has an interactive and comprehensive dashboard that allows stress-free project monitoring
– projects, statuses, test cases, bugs, and all relevant information is consolidated for easy viewing
– users can download customized reports
– integrates seamlessly with third-party apps, making it easy to sync issues
– you can add new test cases as well as use the same test cases for regression cycles

4. Backlog
– has organized issue reporting with features like web forms and email reporting, by which bug reports are automatically directed to assigned team members
– project progress is made easy to track by creating task hierarchy and sub-tasks
– Gantt charts allow users to view the statuses of tasks in one place
– with Git, development teams can create private repositories
– wikis allow users to collaborate on codes

5. Redmine
– versatile project management features make it adaptable to many systems
– supports the creation of wikis, forums, Gantt charts, reports, and customization options
– supports multiple languages
– can run on many databases – My SQL and SQLite being two of them
– supports Supply Chain Management (SCM) integration tools like SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, and Darcs
– Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) authentication enables faster data storage

– supports Agile projects
– integrates with GitHub with which issues can be linked to commits
– Query Language feature makes it easy to find information with its advanced search algorithm

7. Trac
– dashboard shows current issues with priorities
– supports wiki integration, allowing markup in issue descriptions and commit messages
– supports a ticket system with a search engine for tickets, drawing input from non-technical users
– has plugins for a blog, forum, guestbook, and Pastebin
– supports SCM tools SVN and Git and has plugins for CVS, Mercurial, Bazaar, Darcs, Perforce and Monotome
– displays a timeline of past and current projects along with a roadmap for future goals

8. FogBugz
– makes it easy to track bugs by organizing and prioritizing development tasks in one place
– bugs can be captured via browser, email or BugScout
– screenshot tool captures bugs easily
– features like email and notifications keep all team members in the loop about changes in bugs and issues
– has a friendly UI, where new milestones can be added, bug descriptions can be edited, images and files can be dragged and dropped easily

9. Lighthouse
– user interface is quick to get a grasp of as items are well-categorized
– all issues are documented in a central place, making it easy to access them for everyone
– has ticket bins that have saved searches as well as advanced search options – these help to automatically update tickets
– issue creation and resolution are easy to track with email and feed subscription options
– integrates with cloud services and common applications like Beanstalk, Exceptional, GitHub and Airbrake.

10. YouTrack
– makes it easy for the user to find information with its smart search feature
– has a personal live dashboard for the user to monitor every project and action
– with its support for Agile development, it makes it easy to plan sprints and releases, as well as track tasks and bugs, all in one place
– customization options lend help to teams with diverse needs
– the software will show you duplicates of bug reports, which saves time
– time tracking capabilities help to utilize time efficiently

11. DoneDone
– simple and attractive UI helps the user have an intuitive workflow
– has several bug tracking features like backlog management, filtering, issue tracking, release management, task management, ticket management, and workflow management
– Issue tackling is easy as input and responses of all team members can be viewed together

12. ReQtest
– test management module allows creating checklists and test cases, tracking progress and making improvements
– customization options make it easily adaptable to your workflow
– has a search engine and filters which make it easy to find bug reports
– has an Agile board where team tasks can be seen
– Agile board is linked to test tasks, bug reports and requirements, enabling sound communication

13. Zoho Bug Tracker
– has an interactive forum allowing users to communicate fully
– every user has predefined privileges, so bugs are solved on the correct address
– bugs are listed and prioritized according to severity
– keeps project management in one location and connects decentralized teams

14. Axosoft
– supports both bug tracking and project management
– excellent to use this software for Agile projects
– allows the gathering of detailed information, creating a rich product backlog
– in turn, makes for a smooth overall process of planning, scheduling releases, sprints, and completion – has features like velocity charts and capacity indicators, that help the teams to manage their workload effectively
– email-to-ticket automation and conversation threads foster customer interest

15. Gemini
– an Agile project and bug tracker
– best to use for big projects with lots of scripts
– has a customized ticketing system, that is quick to learn
– has unique features like a client portal, idea management, milestone tracking, portfolio management and time and expertise tracking

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