Four Aspects to Accelerate Speed of Development Processes [#AgileAspects #AgileSpeed #AgileDevelopment #AgileProcesses]

1. Have a well-defined product development strategy in place
2. Pursue a lean and agile way of working
3. Improve automation
4. Documentation is key, always

1. Have a well-defined product development strategy in place
A company or team must identify the market and the target audience it will develop the product for.

If this knowledge is available, it’s much easier to focus on the customers’ needs and get into the details.

2. Pursue a lean and agile way of working
If the company strategy is clear, the biggest process improvements can be done within the software development team.

If a team uses Agile methodologies such as SCRUM or KANBAN, it can establish a lean way of working, even if the company around the team is not as agile.

3. Improve automation
Before a team starts to invest time and money into automation, the team must have a good understanding of what should be automated and what not.

For example, if parts of the product will change more frequently in the next weeks, it is maybe not a good idea to start automating this part too early.

On the other side, if there are critical parts of the application that must always be up and running it’s important to cover these parts with automation from the beginning.

The decision which part should be automated when and how should be made within the team.

4. Documentation is key, always
Every product should be documented, including how the product has been developed.

What are the supported features, where are potential problems or what to come in the future?

This invested time will help to speed up the development process in the long run.

Especially if a product is growing and is getting older, this kind of information will help the team to remember decisions or the product architecture.

To improve the development process, get answers to the following questions to speed things up:

Is the product development strategy clear for everybody in the team?
Has the team enough focus and clarity to work independently on their own product?
Does the team have the required skills to develop the product?
Is the team using the right technologies and is the tech-infrastructure up to date?
Is the team enabled to invest time into automation and documentation?

How to Speed Up Development Processes:

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