Six Sources of Project Delay – “The Logical Six” [#ProjectDelay #TheLogicalSix #LogicalSix #AgileAndLate]

Six Sources of Project Delay – “The Logical Six” [#ProjectDelay #TheLogicalSix #LogicalSix #AgileAndLate]

In direct control of the technology team:

  1. The size and complexity of the task is underestimated
  2. The planned group of appropriate engineers are not available
  3. The delivery team is not delivering as productively as anticipated

In control of the business sponsors interacting with the technology team:

  1. Unclear requirements definition – internal clients are not clear enough about what they actually want
  2. Scope change – the business moves the goal posts (changed/new requirements or changed priorities)
  3. Ongoing input – the development process is delayed by a lack of stakeholder input where/when required

Adapted from
Agile and late! End-to-end Delivery Metrics to Improve your Predictability

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