Hyper-Agile [#Agile #HyperAgile]

HYPER-AGILE [#Agile #HyperAgile]

There are critics who have embraced Agile and are excited about new advancements in Agile methodology. Despite the obvious benefits of Agile, the question remains – how do we make things (products, services and results) even “Better – Faster – Cheaper?”

Searching for improving Agile leads to some interesting philosophical discussion and an attempt to arrive at new terminology. Some people might refer to this as hyper-agile.

So the real key to the success of hyper-agile, should you choose to pursue it, is balance.

Hyper-agile can be thought of as:

• Agile on steroids
• Vitamin-based agile
• Agile using templates
• Agile with shortcuts
• Agile probiotics

Essentially, the thought of hyper-agile is to enhance available tools and techniques to make Agile more efficient. It may also incorporate the use of mobile apps that can streamline processes.

Reasons why some project teams struggle to properly adopt Agile:

• Organization has not embraced agile
• Team members are not trained on Agile
• The development model, i.e., software has not been formalized with

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