How to Detect Fake Agile [#HowTo #FakeAgile #RealAgile]

How to Detect Fake Agile [#HowTo #FakeAgile #RealAgile]

According to the DoD, a fake Agile project is one where:

  1. No one is talking with or observing the software users
  2. There is no continuous feedback loop between the users and the teams
  3. There is a strong emphasis on requirements
  4. Stakeholders are autonomous
  5. End users are not present in any of the development
  6. Manual processes are tolerated

Other questions to ask your teams, according to the DoD, are:

  1. Are they working to deliver working software to real users every iteration and gathering feedback?
  2. Do all team members understand how they contribute to the overall mission and goals?
  3. Is feedback gathered and turned into concrete work items?
  4. Are teams empowered to change process or requirements based on feedback and continuous learning?

If the answer to those questions are no, than you have discovered fake Agile.

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Separating fake Agile from real Agile:

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