Being Agile In Tough Times [#BeingAgile]

Being Agile In Tough Times [#BeingAgile]

Build a stronger, faster organization…

Create agility and resiliency across the enterprise…

1. Set the right tone
2. Embrace design thinking
3. Empower employees

1. Set the right tone
Leadership always sets the tone for the company and its future.

If an organization’s leaders believe in the importance of digital workflows in achieving agility, and if they demonstrate this by aligning resources to corresponding initiatives, this is a critical first step.

Do leaders speak about and plan for digital transformation as a strategic imperative?

Or is the effort consistently de-prioritized?

Is the digital transformation a line item on a project plan or is it built into every aspect of their business, including employee experience?

Digital transformation is about far more than technology.

It is about shifting the culture of your organization by challenging the status quo, encouraging experimentation, and being OK with failure.

And it should be on the top of every leader’s to-do list.

2. Embrace design thinking
Leaders who embrace and exude a design-thinking mindset will see their efforts pay off in the short and long term.

Design thinking is about actively looking outside your own perspective so you can be informed and inspired by the people for whom you are creating products and services.

It is about reaching out with empathy to uncover deep insights that will lead to game-changing services for your employees.

Agility is a baked-in component of design thinking.

By rapidly executing small experiments, ideas can quickly be made tangible.

Your organization will learn first by creating, then by listening to immediate feedback from the people who will actually use your new services.

Design thinking will leave you with an overflow of ideas.

Some will remain while others fall away but persistent ideation will dramatically enhance your ability to find unique, high-quality solutions.

3. Empower employees
While it may seem counter-intuitive, providing your employees with greater choice can yield a far more agile, resilient organization.

Over the past several months, we have seen a “work from anywhere” operating model arise, giving employees the opportunity to choose how, from where, and when they work.

For many people this leads to greater life harmony—the long sought after work/home balance.

The best leaders understand not every employee needs to work a strict 9-to-5 schedule.

Some need a varied schedule of their own design that lets them manage personal priorities such as child or elder care while also remaining energized and focused on work.

The bottom line is that leaders who allow their employees to co-create their work experience will do better than those who do not understand the power of employee choice.

How To Be Agile In Tough Times:

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