Agility Integration into Organization to Yield Results [#AgileIntegration #AgileOrganization #AgileResults]

Agility Integration into Organization to Yield Results [#AgileIntegration #AgileOrganization #AgileResults]

1. Make sure you are in balance
2. Align around a single source of truth
3. Build and develop your team accordingly
4. Future proof your operation

1. Make sure you are in balance
Most organizations zero in on making money.

It is the result of ‘data-driven marketing,’ not to mention ROI being a critical factor in growing a business.

But how much do you pay attention to how the value you deliver is perceived by the people you serve?

In order to set the stage for agility, you must have a clear line to customer headspace and understand how to translate that into healthy business practices.

Without it, you will not be able to adapt as circumstances change.

After all, your solution means nothing if it is not solving the problem your customers have.

And without customers, revenue goes right out the window.

Keep acquisition and retention in balance and you’ll have a solid foundation for everything else.

2. Align around a single source of truth
Organizations that have succeeded this year, despite devastating odds, clearly understood customer goals prior to the pandemic – this was their North Star.

Once changes came, they quickly worked with their customers to understand how recent events shaped those goals and shifted their joint success metrics accordingly.

They were able to calibrate this and made sure that their part in their customers’ operation was mission critical.

This is only possible with company-wide alignment around why the customer needs you.

Not only do you need to have agreement between departments, but you also must have a single source of truth for understanding how you as a partner are performing against this goal.

When your buyer’s world suddenly changes, you can work quickly to mobilize your teams toward understanding the impact of that change, updating your customer metrics, and invest in influencing success.

You already have your daisy chain of insight, execution and optimization established, you simply move the goal post and run.

This is how you get your business focused on a singular North Star and create a truly agile business.

3. Build and develop your team accordingly
Alignment around a single source of truth and deep customer understanding requires having the right people in place.

Hire empathetic professionals with a high degree of business savvy and a thirst for perpetual learning.

The best leaders spend equal time understanding and optimizing their teams as they do work on initiatives.

In fact, talent development must be an initiative.

Crisis is not the time to micromanage.

You need teams of folks who can, with clear direction, operate with a high degree of autonomy.

Strong employees become even stronger when they feel vested ownership in mission critical initiatives.

Not many organizations are willing to admit it, but there was a large amount of convenient house-cleaning guised as COVID-driven furlough and layoffs.

But organizations who viewed talent enablement as a core competency of growth were able to reap those rewards in the form of distributed leadership that rose to the occasion.

4. Future proof your operation
Agility extends beyond people and into the processes and technology that support them.

If you have worked agility into your organizational DNA, it should not require a lot of operational effort to ebb and flow with the waves of new circumstances.

This means ensuring that all potential channels and motions are operationally ready and everyone is prepared to pivot quickly.

If you find yourself in a place where you now have to create the entire operational motion for pivoting that spend into say, digital ads and content, that is a big parachute to build while the earth gets closer by the second.

When these things happen there is no climbing back into the plane.

If you have taken the time to educate your sales force on inside motions, have virtual meeting and collaboration software in place and keep a small trickle running through all potential go-to-market options, it is much easier to then turn that spicket on full blast because the infrastructure is there.

Benefits of agility and four keys to creating an agile team

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