10 trends of DevOps to shape 2020 [#DevOpsTrends #AgileTrends #DevOps2020 #Agile2020]

10 trends of DevOps to shape 2020 [#DevOpsTrends #AgileTrends #DevOps2020 #Agile2020]

1. Agile and DevOps will increase collaboration between technology and business functions

2. Training and improving DevOps skills will become an organizational priority

3. Upskilling and cross-skilling will lead to the rise of the T-shaped professional

4. More teams will shift mindsets from “job done” to “value realized”

5. Tool fatigue will worsen before it gets better

6. DevOps will become more measurable and metrics will become better defined

7. DevOps teams will earn more and experience increased job satisfaction

8. There just might be service management and DevOps reunification

9. A new generation of IT takes over

10. Artificial Intelligence adoption will rise, and DevOps teams should check it out

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10 DevOps trends to watch in 2020:
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